Kaizen (kai_zen) wrote,


I don't know about the whole chemtrail thing, and I don't know what these are, but I'm sure they are too low to be regular jet contrails. They also stayed in the sky for about an hour, before disappating into what looked like a think cloud layer. I took these from my house on 10-19-2004.

If anyone has any factual evidence/explaination on what this is about, I'd be very interested to know.
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Wow, those turned out good.

its a conspiracy to control the weather and limit the growth of good to control population
I've read a lot about that. I'm not much one to believe conspiracy theories without concrete evidence though, which no one seems to have about this.
It's obvious that these guys know a bit about flu, and have some theories chemtrails, but no solid evidence to back it up. I want to hear or read something from someone who has actually done some hard scientific research on what they are spraying there.