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A convesation about "Evidence for the Existance of God"

After watching this thread develop on a forum for several weeks, I posed a question,

"What's the value of this conversation?" I received a reply:

Gary "Simon Cruickshank Rock" Wrote:
"Entertainment value. Maybe heuristic value to some of the musings people post. No monetary value that I can tell."

To which I said:
"I doubt heuristics can solve this one. If the purpose is to be entertained...
In my experience, entertaining such a question is an exercise in the interminably indeterminable, not to mention the futile.
The idea of God is unfathomable in its fundamental conception, before even reason or argument can take place. Without understanding, aiming to explain the nature of a thing is absurd. It's an insane cycle or subjective ideas, opinions, concepts, and theories which people begin to accept as truth, and then become upset with each-other for the abundant contradictions to follow.
The argument itself certainly can't provide any practical benefit to our lives.

Entertainment value can be fun... haha, laugh at all the idiots. Not really my thing, but... you know, it just all seems a bit frivolous (and potentially destructive) to me."

thoughts on this?

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