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"see dummies is redundant
pimps are politicin
but they can't overcome this incumbent,
profound pundit
you're style's pungent
that means it stinks...
in dealin with adversaries
my tactics for dissin vary
I keep em runnin like dysentery disease
I play the dissident in distance events
and invent verbs to vent anger
cuz I'm not content with your content tint
on your window can't hide ya from the wrath while I drive math
see I'm the valedictorian MC
historian, slayin the socalled sick
like Kevorkian
niggaz menacin and grimacin while i be writin like I'm Emmerson or Lord Alfred Tennyson, diminishin men
finishin guniess and then
screamin on em like I'm Kennison, in a sense
I be pimpin em, not pamperin
I leave em limpin and whimperin
I'm vampin em, I'm crampin they style and
that's why they not smilin"
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