Kaizen (kai_zen) wrote,

Fragile Battle

the universe is a wasteland
I fill in the void with my creations.
their warmth pushes against the frigid edges
of nothingness
already, always

come back down, release from your chamber
your prison, unguarded
your self
so we can see what you are

I am the figure, a fighter
of liberation, overwhelmed
these tendrils grow thick in the jungle of encumbrance
my weapons grow sharper
this is not my weakness

Isolation defies the extent of my potential
The definition of which can ever be rewritten
My approach should not be so anomalous

Unless I coalesce with complementary forces
The wasteland will endure my endeavors

But persevere with heart,
Being forlorn cannot be the fate of those who are exacting in their aspirations to transcend disintegration</dv>
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